Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy Week!

4 days till our Relay For Life!  UGH!!  I have SOO much to do!  I have a program to get done, I am making 360 mini cupcakes for our Survivors and Caregivers, look up cancer facts, make sure all forms are done and ready to go, prepare my opening ceremony, and I am sure there are a couple things that I am missing.  I have been SO busy this whole month that this all seem to sneak up on me.  We are remodeling our home, so everything is in all over.  Looking forward to next month, so I can start crafting more and RELAX!  It is all for a good cause though! 

Loving blogging!  Trying to figure out different things to do.  I am hoping to take a cartridge and make different things out of everything on the cartridge or make all images and place in a binder.  I have trouble picturing the images or figuring out what colors the different layers should be.  I hope that will help. I have almost 100 right now, so it will take quite a while!  LOL!

Well, I have a feeling I will not be posting again until next week.  I will try to take some pictures of the 360 cupcakes!  I don't think I have room to display them all.  I am planning a SURPRISE birthday party at the Relay, so I can't have anyone else help.  I haven't told any of my committee or team captains.  I have told my Mom and MIL.  They offered to help, but I hate to impose on their time.  It was my CRAZY idea, so I feel I need to make it work!

Again, a BIG THANKS to all you stopped by and commented on my card yesterday.  I will be in another one on July 9th, so make sure to catch that one too.  I will be a LOT less stressed then. 

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